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Welcome from Dr. Hanns Stekel – The director of the Johann Sebastian Bach Music School Vienna

Music has no boundaries. This concept has the significant value to young people which cannot be underestimated. No matter which country you come from, which language you speak or which culture you belong to, music can break these barriers easily. Music is a universal language, so that we can have borderless communication and exchange our ideas. Johann Sebastian Bach Music School values every opportunity that can provide young musicians to exchange their ideas and musical experiences. Participating in the masterclass and competition is a very good platform for musical exchange and learning.  Working with high quality lecturers, the environment and the atmosphere of the competition offer a special framework to show young musician’s talent and skills.

I am delighted that this project is held in Vienna, and JSBM can make a contribution to this international cultural exchange.

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Greetings from Huihui Weng-Skweres – The director of Youth Music Tour

We would like to introduce you to a music journey that guides you to a world of great composers, a unique way to experience the history of classical music up close. Youth Music Tour enables young musicians to improve their practical skills, as well as learn about the basic jazz principles through modern musical teaching methods. At the end, participants will perform on stage in the traditional concert hall for the final showcase.


There is no limitation to music. Music brings people together, giving us the meaning of life in a bigger world. Music is our common cultural asset that everyone should benefit from. Everyone deserves an opportunity to broaden musical knowledge, learn more about the greatest composers’ lives and music. We believe that our concept will open a new chapter in your music learning! We send a warm invitation to take part in Youth Music Tour.

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